Evaluation for Publishers (Team Work)

Krakow, Villa Decius, January 18, 2014
8. 2. 2014

Organisation: Claudia Dathe (Tübingen), Daniela Kocmut (Graz), Kristina Kallert (Regensburg)

During the first part of the event the role of the literary translator functioning as a scout on the literary market place was discussed as well as a selection of possible formats for mediation within the framework of cultural management.

At the center of attention was the publishers‘ evaluation. An evaluation should provide a quick orientation with respect to the content and the literary quality of the text and assist the lector at the publishers in deciding whether the book fits into the overall repertory and if the book is capable in finding a readership. When generating the evaluation it is important to pay attention to the outline, the content and the layout of the evaluation. In the second part of the event participants were able to practice what they learned. In small groups evaluations were prepared on books the participants chose themselves and then presented. The workshop leaders Claudia Dathe, Kristina Kallert and Daniela Kocmut shared tried and tested tips from their own experiences. It is possible to integrate the results of the work into concrete projects of participants.

by Karmen Schödel

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