Introduction to Cultural Management

Krakow, Villa Decius, January 16, 2014
8. 2. 2014

A discussion with Antje Contius (Berlin), Amalija Maček (Ljubljana) and Alida Bremer (Münster) moderated by Schamma Schahadat

Based on her extensive experience as a cultural mediator between Germany and East- and Southeast Europe, Antje Contius, Director of S. Fischer Foundation, presented opportunities resulting from a successful international cooperation.

Alida Bremer spoke of her numerous projects, which have introduced the German reader to Croatian literature and culture, whether this was through presentations at the Leipzig Book Fair or within the framework of a series of events on Croatia joining the EU.

Amalija Maček presented types of support available to translators in Slovenia and spoke on difficulties one encounters when wanting to present Slovenian authors in German-speaking areas, i.a. the problem of bilingual publishers in Carinthia and issues arising in small language areas.

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